Eyelash Extensions - Self Adhesive
Eyelash Extensions - Self Adhesive

Eyelash Extensions - Self Adhesive

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GFranco's DYI self-adhesive eyelash extensions are made with premium synthetic fibers. The eyelashes are reusable and are self-adhesive, without the need for additional glue.   

When applying the cluster lashes, use the included tweezer to place lash clusters underneath your natural lashes, which will blend seamlessly with your own lashes.  

The eyelash extensions are available in two lengths, 11 mm and 16 mm.

Kit includes an applicator and 30 individual clusters to form up to 3 full sets of eyelashes. 

Removal of eyelash clusters: The eyelashes should be removed with the applicator to prevent oils from your fingers from contaminating the adhesive on the eyelash clusters.  This will extend the life of the adhesive to allow multiple uses.  Stick the clusters back onto the eyelash container.  Avoid placing your fingers in the container to prevent oils from contaminating the surface of the inner surface of the container.