Dance Shoes

GFranco dance shoes are well regarded as comfortable dance shoes, affordable dance shoes, and stylish dance shoes. GFranco dance shoes are worn by many world champions and professional dancers/instructors throughout the world.  GFranco uses premium materials including special insoles to achieve the most comfortable dance shoes which also make them one of the most durable dance shoes available.  While we use the highest quality materials to make our dance shoes, we strive to make them affordable dance shoes priced in between cheap dance shoes and overly priced dance shoes. While GFranco dance shoes are known for its stylish dance shoes, we take great efforts to engineer the dance shoes to efficiently function for balance and control.  Other dance shoe companies may design stylish shoes but many of those companies disregard functionality making the shoe feel unstable and difficult to control turns and moves. Poor designed dance shoe can lead to premature or unnecessary pain or cause blisters.