GFranco Men’s dance shoes are designed for Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba as well as ballroom dance styles suited for stage and dance floors. GFranco dance shoe styles include the “Standard” style men’s dance shoes, men’s Latin dance shoes, as well as men’s social dancing shoes.

Men’s Salsa shoes and Bachata shoes differ from Zouk and Kizomba shoes mainly in heel, or lack thereof. Zouk and Kizomba dancing shoes usually do not have any heels. The men's Latin dance shoes, a.k.a Cuban heel or Latin heel have a taller heel height that are typically 1.5 to 2 inches. While the Latin heel is taller, the Standard style dance shoe have heels that are typically 1 inch in height. Social dancing shoes may be flat but may have a slight heel between ½ to 1 inch in height.Men’s social dance shoes differ from standard style men’s salsa dance shoes in that they are visually designed more like designer street shoes.

GFranco Shoes also offers men’s practice dance shoes. Men’s practice dance shoes are different than standard dance shoes or social dancing shoes in that they are typically lighter and more comfortable. Our men's practice dance shoes feature a special insole that provides excellent cushion but allows one to feel the dance floor. They are designed to make the dance shoes one of the most comfortable practice dance shoes you will ever wear for practice.

GFranco Shoes makes one of the largest selection of dance shoe designs for men available on the market with suede bottoms for practice, performance or social dancing. We also offer the largest selections of indoor-outdoor outsoles that are ideal for social dancing as they may be worn outdoors.

For proper fit of dance shoes for men, the dance shoe must be snug to minimize any movement of one’s foot within the shoes. New dance shoes must feel tight to allow for stretch so that the dance shoe is snug after stretching. This is more important for men’s Salsa dance shoes as compared to other styles like Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba because movement and rhythm for Salsa dancing is typically faster than the other styles. Excessive movement will result in unwanted feet fatigue or skin abrasions.