GFranco Shoes offers many styles of woman's dance shoes designs for performance, practice and social dancing. GFranco's woman's dance shoe line is designed with an eye towards styles of Latin dance shoes or commonly called Salsa shoes. Woman’s dance shoes that are typically open-toed shoes are used as Latin dance shoes for Salsa or Bachata style for practice, stage or social dancing. GFranco woman's Salsa shoes are also perfect for Latin style ballroom.

There are differences is woman’s dance shoe design for practice/performance and social dancing. Woman’s Latin dance shoes for practice or performance must fit tighter than social dancing shoes. Timing and aggressive movements are typical in choreographed routines for performance while social dancing is typically free flowing and perhaps slower and timing is not as critical. Ladies dance shoes for social dancing usually have thicker insoles for extended comfort for long hours of dancing. Woman’s practice dance shoes and performance dance shoes are usually thinner and firmer so that the dancer’s feet can “feel the floor” for control and timming.

GFranco also offers woman’s practice dance shoes that feature special insoles that make these woman's practice dance shoes one of the most comfortable dance shoes a dancer will ever wear. GFranco’s woman's Latin dance shoes are made of the highest quality materials available, which make them durable and comfortable woman's Salsa dance shoes. You will find the widest selection of ladies’ dance shoes perfectly fit for your perfect dance experience.

GFranco’s line of Woman’s Salsa dance shoes are stylish and do not look like the typical tan dance shoe other woman’s dance shoe companies offer. Our social dancing shoes are visually unique and appealing. While GFranco offers several designs of the typical tan Salsa dance shoe, we offer multiple options for social dancing and performance to match that perfect costume or outfit.

Our line of woman’s dance shoes are sized to US street shoe sizes but the wide selection of styles vary in width to provide a great fit for all feet widths. We also offer the widest option of woman’s dancing shoe sizes as small as size 3 and large as size 11. GFranco has the ideal size ans style for your dance shoe needs. Buy your woman's Latin dance shoes online or offered at many physical locations throughout the world.